Ocean and wind – Earth and fire

The main exhibition “Ocean and wind – Earth and fire” shows how the people along the coast have used the natural resources differently throughout thousands of years. 

As a visitor, you will learn how different societies have emerged in Øygarden, and how daily life in this exposed area of the western coast has changed over time. 


“I rowed out”

Fishing for your self and for selling in the city. Home fishing has long traditions on the islands by the sea.

At the coastal museum you can also experience a modern aqua cultural facility.

A rich influx of mackerel and herring in the bay and good fishing resources just a few miles from the boathouses has led to the people around Ovågen being self sufficient throughout the year. 

The equipment used for traditional fishing was handlines, different nets, shore seines, and traps. These were homemade on the farm or bought at the farm merchants in Bergen. In a boathouse by Ovågen, you can learn the history of the people and the equipment they used. 


Øygarden Visitor's centre 

A modern aquaculture facility

At The Coastal Museum you can experience salmon in a unique way. Go on a speedy boat tour to be guided to one of the modern fishing farms in Øygarden. Experience salmon first hand. The guide will tell you about how fish farming has developed in Norway and locally in Øygarden. 

Daily tours depart at 13:00 and 14:00 in the main season from May to August. On Sundays the tour depart at 13.00 and 14:00 from April to October. Otherwise by booking.