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I rowed out

Fishing for your own pot and for sale in the town. Home fishing has long traditions on the islands by the sea, both as food and as a way of life.

  • Silje Kathrine Robinson / Museum Vest

A rich insight into macerel and herring in the bay and good fishing resources a few nautical miles away from the boathouse, made the people around Ovågen aelf sufficient all year around. The equipment used in this traditional fishing were handlines, various nets, seine fishing from land and traps. It was made at home on the farm or bought  from the farmer's dealer in Bergen .

We tell the story of the peopleand the equipment they used In a boathouse by Ovågen.

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    Marianne Lindgren / Museum Vest
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    Marianne Lindgren / Museum Vest
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    Marianne Lindgren / Museum Vest
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    Marianne Lindgren / Museum Vest
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